About Us

About Us

MPIAA is celebrating our 46th Season in 2017:

The league was formed in the 1970's and teams originally had girls ranging in age from 10 or 11 up to 18 before the Junior and Senior divisions were created sometime later in the 1970s.

Paul Britt became a coach in 1983 and continued as head coach until after the 1993 season. He assisted with his former team for one season on request of the new coach in 1994, and then assisted with an Instructional team coached by Ed Belush in 1998.


Coaches during this time in the league included (but not necessarily limited to):
Richard "Beans" Gerecter - Diamond Auto Parts
John Cenkner under various team sponsors
Richard Palmer- Levin's, later coached by Jim Hill
Ron Mondock- Galone-Caruso's
Bob Burkey and JoAnn Callahan - ElectroGlass Electrogals
Diane Wisniewski, Jim Hill, Dan Sucanic- Potoka's later Door Company of Laurel Highlands and later yet B.J. Construction
Shop & Save- John Houtman also later Jim Coffman, Celena Kalp and Kelly Pomarico
Jim Shoup- Standard Savings and Loan, also Jim Trout, Bernie Bailey, Ed Wible later
C&C- Tom Cesario, also later Bob Burkey
Lobingiers- Bill Dodd

League Presidents during this time included Mary Jo Tate, Paul Brittain, Richard Palmer, Bob Burkey, John  Cenkner, Jim Hill, and Bob Mortimer.

Bonnie Wilson was secretary-treasurer for at least eight years.

Games were held at MPAHS, Frick Park, and even a few at the Kosciuszko field a few times.

Randy Christman became President in 2001 and served 2001-2011 and returned in 2014 - Present:

Trustee Contacts

Nicole Magda 724-989-6759
John Palmer
Eric Dodd